Cursed Fables – Generation Four – Chapter Thirty Five

“Again, I don’t want to alarm either of you by inviting you in this morning to see me, I was just wondering if either of you knew of anything that might have…..effected Renee?” She looked between Darcy and I, and judging by her clueless expression, she hadn’t received the answer she had been hoping for.

“Is something wrong with Renee at school?” Darcy piped up, leant forward in her chair, more fidgety than I had seen her since we were teens. It was a I never hoped to see on her again. But perhaps I had simply been to hopeful to think our pasts would just vanish into thin air.

Renee’s teacher shook her head. “No, her grades are still satisfactory…however I have noticed a sharp decline that started almost 2 months ago to the day.”

I clear my throat and try to keep my tone polite as I say, “Is that so alarming? All kids struggle at one point or another right? She’s only eight after all, and between her friends, her horse and her time with us, she has a lot going on don’t you think?”

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Cursed Fables – Generation Four – Chapter Thirty Four (Reposted)

For as long as I can remember, things have been blissfully peaceful in my life.

I was very rarely exposed to even the slightest conflict between my parents, and they never once raised their voices with me. If I stepped out of line, they’d use a stern, but gentle voice.

I have nothing but fond, happy memories from my childhood.

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Cursed Fables – Generation Three – Part Thirty Three

“Calen. I understand what you’re going through, believe me I do. But wallowing in guilt and sorrow isn’t going to do anyone any good. Especially yourself. Nobody wants to see you self destruct, not me, not your mother not,-“

“But what about Dana?” My words were gravelly and dark. I hadn’t spoken for days so my voice sounded strange, even to me. It was as if a black hole was where my heart had once rested. I didn’t want to feel anymore.

Jace grunted and for a moment stood, slamming his fists onto the table. “Dana would slap you if she saw you right now. She’d tell you to get off your ass and make something of the life she gave for you!” He roared, taking a moment to compose himself before sitting down again. “…I’m sorry.”

I chuckled darkly. “Why? You obviously meant every word.”

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Cursed Fables – Gen Three – Part Thirty Two


I hadn’t slept well for weeks.

in truth part of me just wanted this latest mission to be over with. Then the constant worry and stress would be over and perhaps my life would return to a small sense of normality.

And then immediately I’d feel like an ass for thinking it, because no matter the outcome todays ordeal would take a heavy toll on Darcy. Whether Chris was captured or killed, deep down I knew the outcome would not be ideal for anyone.

In the last few weeks I had really began to see that no amount of training, emotional or physical could prepare an agent for the real thing. My emotions, morals, actions as of late had been all over the place and questionable.

Of course deep down I knew the reason why. Darcy. Somewhere along the last few months I’d fallen for her. Whenever my mother told me one day her entire outlook on Dad switched from that of best friend to lover, I always questioned it. Denied it even, Now I wasn’t so sure.

Unable to do anything else, I decided to get dressed and see how everyone else was coping.

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Cursed Fables – Generation Three – Part Thirty One

After hearing Darcy’s life story I didn’t know what to say to her, what could I say? She was a human girl who had got caught up in supernatural affairs that she knew no part of. This case could be huge, if these people had organized all of this, to get information out of the Council then they had to be serious…but to use innocent humans.

“Calen?” She asked me, hesitation thick in her voice. I looked toward her, “Chris can come back right? To how he was. He can be changed back. Tell me he can!” She pleaded, losing her cool for the first time since she’d stepped foot in the Council building.

My heart broke for her, maybe Duncan had been right all that time ago. My heart wasn’t cut out for this job. “Darcy…I don’t know. I can’t tell you anything without knowing what was done.” If. If something was done. But I didn’t have the guts to say it to her face.

“I’m sorry,” She said after a few minutes of silence. “That wasn’t fair of me to spring on you. How could you know what went on anymore than I could?”

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Cursed Fables – Darcy’s Origin

Why? Why was I here? It was stupid of me to agree to do this, Chris would never see things how I did. He’d view this as the biggest betrayal ever.

And maybe it was.

He’s done so much for me, always had my best interests at heart. Hell, even when I sprang the fact I was leaving on him, he volunteered to join me without even a little time to think it over. He must have known we were both throwing everything away.

But he had said it was okay….as long as we had each other it would be worth it. He’d never let me get hurt like that again.

So why? Why was he the one that was causing me the most pain?

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Cursed Fables – Generation Three – Part Thirty

This was it. This phone call would break the case wide open. I’d be one step closer to going home…Maybe then everything would go back to the way it was. Things wouldn’t be a confusing mess. I’d be grateful for the peaceful existence I’d once known.

But at what cost? If I called Jace…if I got the Council involved…there was a good chance I’d lose her forever…

We’d been on this mission for 6 months now, I’d been able to call my family on a handful of occasions, but the absence still stung. To make matters worse Dana and I had hardly spoken since the night at the graveyard. And even when we did it was all business, and very curt and to the point.

Because of this, I was more often than not left alone to my thoughts. And there was only so much of that that I could take. That strove me to commit myself to the case fully, more investigations, more scouting. Yet still there was nothing.


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